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(Reading Journal) Monday February 4, 2008

• 2 Nephi 25:25 states that the law is dead unto us but, “we keep the law because of the commandments.”

I wonder if there has been any commandments like this in this dispensation that were dead but kept because of the command, i.e. Plural Marriage. I would assume this was the case. There seems to be no other strong reason for doing so outside of pure necessity and command. Vs. 30 states that we must keep the performances and ordinances until the law shall be fulfilled.

• The whole of this chapter is pretty intriguing due to the fact that Nephi states how much he wants his children to know the prophesies, but is resigned to accept that they probably wont because these things are meant for us today. I ask myself often if I know how important it is for us to have an understanding these things.
• 2 Nephi 26:10-11 we “sell themselves for naught” when the “Spirit ceaseth to strive with man then cometh a speedy destruction”
It is no wonder that when we cease to attend to our spirituality we fall so quickly. Falling comes easier and faster than climbing. It is as if we are worse off than had we never known. It is crucial that we retain those who have accepted the restored gospel. In a recent article I have read on the web, I found disturbing figures that have failed to leave my mind. According to the article the church has approximately 12 mil members but only about 4 mil attend regularly. 1/4! We have serious retention problem. I can see that here in Roy, UT at the Country Lane Ward. We have maybe less. I know this is at the forefront to the mind of the Savior and Leaders but I wonder what I can do more.
Melissa and I discuss this often. We both have come to the conclusion that it probably has a lot to do with the basic needs for humans, i.e. Food and Shelter. It is hard for you to see past those needs at times. I guess in times of extreme need it is easier to give up paying tithing in order to buy grocery. Once tithing is gone so goes Temple attendance and then Sacrament. I think it is understandable but also lacking faith, that true faith that sacrifice brings.
• 2 Nephi 26:15 this is a call to the Faithful to remain vigilant in their prayers and fasting for those they love. It took about 1400 years before these prayers were answered.
Being “low to the dust” is as far as you can go before you reach the point of no return. It will take some to hit rock bottom before they will awaken and shake of the dust and chains. Do not give up on Souls, for they are precious.
• The scientist in me loves Vs 18. It speaks of speed destruction, “in an instant, suddenly” When I read of mass extinction it is always quick. The Dinosaurs were here one day and the next thing you know…Gone! This is how it works. The build up is slow but then you are gone. We can see the history of this continent no trace of the peoples who made the pyramids. That is all the Mayans left. Gone! No reason but pride. It shows you how much of a fine line we walk in this world. HE will only tolerate it for so long.
• Vs 27-28 He indeed invites all and he commandeth his people to persuade all men to come unto him. All are alike unto him. This is the most beautiful statement, “all are alike”

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