Wednesday, October 21, 2009

(Reading Journal) June 28, 2009

I have had a terrible time the past few days. I do not have the flu but am in extreme pain and discomfort. I hurt everywhere. I am starting to worry.

1 Nephi 18
• Vs 1-3 Nephi is being taught daily by the Lord on how to build this ship yet that was not enough communication for him. He retired to the mount oft to pray and the Lord showed him more. It seems that if it were me I would be sufficed with the revelations on the boat. Maybe that is the problem with us all we only want a little. We do not really hunger and thirst after these things as we are commanded.
• Vs 11 The question is always asked “why do bad things happen to good people?” Nephi answers it here. So that his word may be fulfilled concerning the wicked. As soon as they are ripe in inequity they will be removed from his presence.
• Vs 16 Nephi never murmurs. He never doubts here that the Lord will rescue him. This must have been very difficult for his brothers. No wonder they wanted to kill him he was a constant reminder of their wickedness. This is in essence why they murdered Our Savior, He was the ultimate example of goodness and they could not in a sense look him in the face. What an example Nephi was.
• Vs 17-20 The brothers did not repent even though family and children with their tears of sorrow for their dad would not soften they hearts. It took the absolute wrath of God and the threat of death to move them to repentance. Is this true repentance?
• Vs21 The power of prayer will remove the storms of life so long as you are innocent and have the compass to lead you.

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