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(Reading Journal) June 23, 2009

Yes it has been that long since I have attempted serious study of the word. I actually started last night at the asking of my companion and Queen. I hope that is what we are when we rise from the grave! I read chapters 5, 6, & 11 -12 of 1st Nephi last night. What stuck out the most was the importance of having the scriptures. It was exactly what was needed. I had a good session. After which I felt the Lord state to me that I am dealing with so many issues in my life because of a request. I felt him say that I wanted to know physically what it is like to deal with the issues I have. I will get to those issues at a later time. That was a great start to a new life for me. So here are my thoughts on 1 Nephi 13: 11-16 The angel is showing Nephi the future of the American continent. What sticks out drastically is that the Lord does not favor the covenant but the humble. He says so in vs. 16, because they were humble the “Lord was with them”. Vs. 20 we again see the importance of scripture. It is interesting that with every recorded mass migration where the Spirit is involved, scripture is brought. The scriptures have the power to preserve a soul and an entire nation!
We are speaking about the “Great Church” throughout this chapter but for me it is a moot point as far as the word goes. The Lord has held his promise to restore what was lost now all we have to do is what it states in vs. 13 - 14 of the Doctrine and Covenants chapter 123, “ bringing to light the hidden things…These should be attended to with great earnestness”.
Vs. 37 The imagery is so powerful, “how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be”. Those that help with the work. Can you see it? When the faithful descend with the Savior all as if they are standing upon mountains draped in the robes of the Holy Priesthood.

1 Nephi 14
• Vs. 7: I have never noticed this before though I have read it many times… The lord states here that this is it. It is the last call. Either you are in or you are out. He does not cast you out but leave you to your own blindness and hardness of heart. Wow… The last call!
• Vs 12 – 14 I have more questions than commentary here. There is so much war going on right now especially at the fore front is with Islamic Nations in particular fringe groups and extremists. Are we speaking about them because there is over 1 billion of them or are we speaking about mere Christianity? I need these questions answered.
• Vs 16 sounds like the beginning of the end like 9/11???
• Vs 30 Nephi ends with a witness that he has not written all but what he has wrote will surely come to pass and that it is all truth!

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