Wednesday, October 21, 2009

(Reading Journal) June 24, 2009

It is actually 12:30am on the 25th. I just got back home from Brad Sullivan’s Bachelor party. I had to drive him home!

1 Nephi 15
• Vs 5 – 6 Nephi is so overwhelmed by the sin of his seed that he is overcome in weakness in body. Not to place him on the same level, but this is what happened to our Savior. He was so overwhelmed with his creation’s sins that he too fell face first onto the ground. Nephi must have felt only a taste of what He would taste. Physical pain because of sin. Very interesting…
• Vs 14 Nephi uses the word “how” to come unto Christ instead of “to” come… There is only one way and the Fathers were taught that way by Him personally. Nephi here uses very deliberate words to show us that there is but one way. I have never seen that before tonight. It seems as though every trip around I find something new and powerful.
• Vs 20 – 33 The brothers are moved by Nephi’s testimony and then they humble themselves. We can see the fruit of humility is that one becomes teachable. They begin to ask deep and thoughtful questions.
• Vs 24 Hold to the rod of iron and the promise is that you will not fall. That is a serious promise. You will not be overcome by Satan. That is not to say you will not stumble but you will not be “overcome” by him.

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